Giving Customers The Awesome Experience

No one likes mediocrity. Long-term growth of a customer base is dependent on giving your customers an experience that satisfies their requirements, is pleasant, and which ultimately exceeds their expectations. We define The Awesome Experience as the convergence of Need, Entertainment and The Unexpected. Achieving The Awesome Experience isn’t easy, but pursuing it is certainly worthwhile. To do this consistently, companies must master these three components.

I. Establishing Compelling Messaging as taught in ROAR! is the first step to attracting, retaining and growing your customers. By mastering Empathy, Objectivity and Differentiation you will have the right message to communicate with any type buyer you encounter.

  • Empathy: connecting with the customer on a personal level, understanding their pain and their needs.
  • Objectivity: the ability to see and discuss ideal solutions to problems, regardless of your own ability to resolve them.
  • Differentiation: creating positive distinctions between yourself and your competition that your customer can perceive.

II. Applying Intentional Marketing to a clearly defined sales process will allow you to scale that process for growth. It won’t happen by accident. You will need to apply Forethought, Efficiency and Integration to your marketing approach if you want to attract and close buyers effectively in a leveraged manner.

  • Forethought: analyzing questions and objections in advance to open a successful sales path with your prospects.
  • Efficiency: the productive use of resources. In sales and marketing, getting the most return on investment of time, energy, and resources.
  • Integration: having a consistent value proposition in all materials, and that all materials work consistently with one another.

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III. Providing Memorable Delivery to your buyers so you stay top of mind is the third component necessary for long-term customer growth. Creating a positive, lasting impression in their mind requires Creativity, Intensity and Revelation that leaves them with an “Aha!” moment, thereby permanently integrating your experience into their life in such a positive way that they will desperately want to share the experience with others.

  • Creativity: innovative, original thought that adds pleasure and meaning to an experience.
  • Intensity: an emotional and mental quality of “force” or “impact”, a key component in creating a memorable experience for your customers
  • Revelation: the “aha moment” where your customer understands and sees the value of the information you are providing.

How do you know when an experience was awesome?

Easy, you remember it for years to come with a smile on your face. It’s distinguished in your mind as something out of the ordinary, something worth sharing with friends, family and coworkers. It may be something as big and unique as an event you attended or as simple and everyday as a customer service interaction that was above and beyond any other. Large or small, the experience has a significantly positive impact on your day, your year or even your life.

Regardless of who we are dealing with in our personal and business encounters, we all prefer our interactions to be positive and uplifting. Even the most mundane encounter has the potential to be an awesome experience. Here is a quick guide to understanding what makes for a Good, Great, and Awesome experience.

A good experience is when you meet one’s need through trust and resolution.

A good experience becomes

a great experience when you add entertainment through engagement and joy.

A great experience becomes

The Awesome Experience when you add the unexpected through surprise and relevance.

Awesome experiences rarely happen by accident. Creating The Awesome Experience requires forethought, creativity, planning and execution. Management, employees and customers are all people and given the choice, they want to have fun, and enjoy every moment possible. No one wants to have a mediocre experience.

While it’s true that The Awesome Experience is near impossible to achieve in every customer encounter, without addressing and mastering Compelling Messaging, Intentional Marketing and Memorable Delivery in your customer experience process it will almost never occur. To get started, follow the specific steps for Compelling Messaging as taught in ROAR! Get Heard in the Sales and Marketing Jungle.

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