Creating Your Personal Awesome Future!

An awesome future is yours. . .

…if you are ready and willing to do the necessary work to get there.  The hard work isn’t in the achieving, it’s in the strategic planning. If only you had a step-by-step process for planning the clear path to the future you desire.

Now you do.  This downloadable method of strategic planning a preferred future has been used for decades by successful entrepreneurs and executives.

Bestselling Author, columnist and Inc. 500 entrepreneur Kevin Daum has helped dozens of executives reach their desired goals. Now, he has created this very detailed instruction manual so you can pursue an awesome future with the help of an accountability partner.

Click here to download Kevin’s Strategic Planning Instructions.

Did we mention it’s absolutely Free? No catch, you don’t have to give up your soul, twitter handle, or even your email address. So go ahead, download away!

If you like it and find value, the best way to say thank you is to share it around. So please do!

You may decide after reading the Strategic Planning Instructions and my article, 7 Tips for Creating Your Own Destiny, that you want some further help from me.

As an outside facilitator, I can help in 4 ways for this process:

  1. A facilitator can handle all of the logistical issues such as location, food and scheduling allowing you and your partner to focus mainly on the content.
  2. A facilitator can bring methodology such as exercises and discussion techniques that will get to the truth more effectively and efficiently.
  3. A facilitator can bring objectivity. Since they are not emotionally involved, they can identify possible blind spots and offer fresh and impartial perspective.
  4. A facilitator keep things on track and keeps discussions from heading down unproductive paths.

I am happy to help you achieve the future of your dreams. I am available for consultation and facilitation of this process. Here are some options with the details below:

  1. You can hire me for phone or Skype consulting – When I consult by phone or Skype, I will provide you with a 3-hour package.  In the first session, we discuss your needs. In the second session, I prepare you and your Accountability Partner for the process ahead. Then we finish with a follow up after your retreat, where I review any materials you share with me and give you my thoughts on what else you need to make this process stick. The 2012 price for this service is $495 USD.
  2. You can attend a retreat scheduled by me – If you wish to attend one of my retreats, contact me and I will alert you when I have one coming up so you can attend. The typical cost of attendance is $1,495 USD per person, or $2,495 USD if you and your Accountable Partner sign up together, plus any travel and activity expenses. This varies depending upon location and the size of the group. Sessions are typically 3 days plus travel. I usually try to limit to 8 people so there is plenty of time for personal attention. If you don’t have a partner you can get one at the retreat. I always make sure everyone is matched up somehow and the attendees are committed.
  3. You can hire me to facilitate your retreat – If you are interested in having me come to facilitate your private group, contact me. I can facilitate groups of 2 to 8. I can help with all the planning and even provide a location in North America. My rate ranges on the time and travel required.

In all cases, I will make sure that we speak briefly up front to make sure I am the right person for your situation. I hope this document has been useful for you and I wish you success in pursuing your Awesome Experience.

Kevin Daum