October 2018: Walking the Circumference of Manhattan

And the walk around Manhattan begins… now.

10 miles in and the first rest stop.

4 hours in. 21.1 miles, probably a little over half way. I was shooting for downtown by dark.

Last rest stop at 30 miles in, bout 5 or 6 miles to go with plenty of energy.

It’s just a matter of feet and knees holding up.

I did learn that ibuprofen is better every 3 hours rather than 4.

No blisters (knock on wood).

I made it downtown for a great sunset and headed into the numbers on the Hudson side.

Done!!! 14 hours and 35 minutes; 36.5 miles.

I hit every nook and cranny on the perimeter of this island.

Van and Grunt surprised me and joined for the last mile.

No blisters, cramps, or plantar fasciitis.

Manhattan was amazing!

Time for a beer and some ice packs on my feet and knees so I can walk tomorrow.

Epilogue: A bit of morning pain in the hamstrings behind the knees. Ice, ibuprofen, and Tiger Balm were my friends.