Forethought, Focus, and Fun Yield Fabulous Results

Often businesses focus on customers or operations or products or promotion or environment but rarely do they put together all of the above. Successful business today rarely happens by accident, so get planning, get connected and get creative.

Published in Smart Business Online, March 2010

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Turning Fans into Fanatics

Even the most exciting events and activities can become stale and mundane with frequency and inconsistency. Every company is responsible for the quality of the customer interaction. The longer the engagement, the more innovation is required to make it fresh and exciting. The objective is to stimulate your customers into being fanatical about your delivery. How to ensuring each step of your customer service is consistently up to par.

Published in Smart Business Magazine and Online, February, 2010

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Competing for the Space Virgin

Some may have heard about the Virgin Galactic unveiling of the new VSS Enterprise spaceliner in the Mojave Desert last December. It was an astounding event and very much in keeping with the spectacle we normally associate with Sir Richard Branson.

Published in Smart Business Magazine and Online, January 2010

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Pursuing The Awesome Experience

Why do things have to be awesome? Isn’t good good enough? What about great — isn’t that good enough? It’s not that companies intentionally force mediocrity our way. In fact, it’s the lack of intention that usually results in mediocrity. Given a choice, most people would choose an awesome experience. How to create positive, meaningful and memorable business experiences.

Published in Smart Business Magazine and Online, December 2009

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EO Dummies: It Takes One to Write One

What marketing opportunities are you missing out on? Maybe it’s time to get writing. Every EOer is an expert in something. That’s how we became EOers. But as the CEO of Stratford Financial, a niche mortgage company playing against 800 lb. gorillas like Bank of America and Wells Fargo, I struggled for cli­ent credibility when pitting my experienced advice against the ramblings of inexperienced bank salespeople.

Published in The Entrepreneur’s Organization Octane December 2006

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