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12 Habits of Valuable Employees

Your Roadmap to an Amazing Career!

Are you looking to transform your career and achieve your full potential at work?

Do you wish your employer recognized your talent and contributions more?

This book reveals the insider secrets to becoming the most valued employee. Kevin and his co-authors, Verne Harnish and Anne Mary Ciminelli, surveyed hundreds of employers to uncover what sets adequate employees apart from truly valuable players. Through insightful stories and practical tips, you’ll learn the 12 key habits in four essential areas – Will, Values, Results, and Skills – that lead to amazing careers and fulfillment at work.

Published by Forbes Books

Video Marketing For Dummies

Video Marketing for Dummies - Kevin Daum

Video is boosting email marketing, SEO, and web conversion by record numbers. But how do you deliver a compelling message consistently with entertaining and effective videos? Video Marketing for Dummies will show you how to create compelling content that will bring the highest ROI, and how to promote your video to get the most exposure.

Published by John Wiley & Sons

Green$ense for the Home

Green$ense for the Home - Kevin Daum

Rating The Real Payoff From 50 Green Home Projects

Want to know when going green is really worth it? Kevin, with top green architect Eric Corey Freed, gives you both sides of the equation. This book offers practical advice on home improvements aimed at energy efficiency and environmental protections. Detailed discussions and great visuals describe each green home project, tell you how it works, and give a straightforward cost-to-benefit analysis.

Green$ense for The Home is the 2011 winner of the American Society of Journalists and Author’s (ASJA) Outstanding Book Award.

Published by The Taunton Press

Building Your Own Home For Dummies

Building Your Own Home for Dummies - Kevin Daum

If it were easy to do, everyone would build a custom home. But it’s a long, complex journey. Kevin takes readers through the process in detail, AND explains to would-be custom homeowners how to pay for their dream house.

Published by John Wiley & Sons

What The Banks Won’t Tell You

What The Banks Won't Tell You: How to Get the Most Out of Your Mortgage - Kevin Daum

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Mortgage

The mortgage process is complicated—there is so much to know! How can you educate yourself enough to even understand what the lenders are saying when you start shopping around? This book explains the process in simple, clear language so that you can get the loan that’s right for you.

Published by Grady Parsons Publishing

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