Kevin Daum

Whether you laugh at his videos, learn from his YPO podcast: 10 Minute Tips From the Top or raise eyebrows at his popular column on, you’ll figure out quickly that Kevin Daum can’t help but brutally tell you the truth, entertaining you along the way.

Kevin is a media strategist, and an award-winning, bestselling author of 5 books including ROAR! Get Heard in the Sales and Marketing Jungle (Wiley 2010)Video Marketing For Dummies (Wiley 2012). His latest, The 12 Habits of Valuable Employees is co-authored with Verne Harnish and will release Spring 2017.

Kevin is a major contributor to several other books including the best-selling Scaling Up by Verne Harnish (Gazelles 2014). Kevin is also a Contributing Editor for YPO and garners several hundred thousand monthly views for his column on He is consistently one of the highest rated speakers for YPO, Inc. and Gazelles.

As an Inc. 500 entrepreneur, Kevin’s marketing approach delivered more than $1 billion in sales with over 95% efficacy. As a serial entrepreneur he built and successfully exited several companies and now leads an experienced team of Gazelles International coaches helping fast growth companies apply Scaling Up principals.

Leveraging Kevin’s degrees in media and theatre arts plus involvement in hundreds of video, audio, and stage productions, Kevin and his firm, TAE International, teach companies how to kill their competition with The Awesome Experience through Compelling Messaging, Intentional Marketing, and Memorable Delivery.

Kevin is a champion for liberal arts education as a priority over STEM. As head of business development for Americans For the Arts’ Creativity Connection, he facilitated unique arts-based-learning programs for Fortune 500 companies. Kevin was also instrumental in the development of an interdisciplinary arts and entrepreneurship curriculum at Baylor University. He has published several articles on marketing and the managerial relationship between the arts and entrepreneurship.

Kevin is a graduate of the MIT Entrepreneurial Master’s Program and received the Global Learning Award 3 times from the Entrepreneur’s Organization (EO) where he founded the Silicon Valley Chapter and served in several board positions. Kevin was named Distinguished Alum by his alma mater, Humboldt State University and has a M.S. in Media Management from Fordham University where he now teaches media content as an adjunct professor.