Likely runs better on water.

Haddock reuben and a hot dog, since it was National Hot Dog Day.

My midday reward for 29 miles of hills. Hot 4 Berry Pie at world famous Moody’s Diner in Waldoboro, celebrating its 90th birthday. 15 miles still to go for the day. This should give me the energy I need.

Off the beaten tracks.

Chowder, bisque, crab cake, and lobster roll with a harbor view. Enjoying the day in Rockland, ME.

Dinner View.

Oh wait. Other side. Thomaston, ME. Where the fish are jumpin’.

Walked the Rockland breakwater today. Built in 1880 out of local granite. It’s nearly a mile long. Amazing.

Wish you all could have been here to enjoy.

I am eating overnight oats mixed with homemade yogurt, coconut, and raspberries from the garden, with a couple of homemade pumpkin donuts for that extra biking kick. Just a short 20 miles or so today to Phippsburg. Coolest stay so far.

So much for my caviar lunch.

Ahem, please feel free to enter your own creative description here.

Hey any of you with any interest in sailing, shipping, or naval history (oh yeah, that’s all y’all) should check out the Maine Maritime Museum

…and Bath Iron Works

… Super cool! BTW, that blue thing is not a ship but a giant floating dry dock. 750 feel long 52 feet high and 144 feet wide. BIW has built more Navy destroyers than any other company.
Awesome riverside dinner in Bath. Smoked bluefish pate…

…shishito peppers…

…a rose/cider from Vermont, and an amazing local monkfish dish that I cannot describe so I included the menu description.

Now I have my last 6 miles to ride it all off. Notice no lobstah roll today 🙂
Today was equipment failure day. My chain kept dropping. My phone bracket broke. My glove tore. And my front rack lock broke when I hit a pothole. But happily nothing happened that a little duct tape can’t cure and I only have about 15 miles tomorrow before I hit the train. And truly it was all worth it for stuff like this…

Check out the panoramic version of my Airbnb view for the night.

Oh and today’s ride was just over 20 miles. Did you not see the picture requiring a creative caption? 😉

Last short ride today. I will miss the beauty of Maine.

Mission back to Brunswick complete. 17 miles.

Made it safely thanks to “God’s gift to the universe”…duct tape.

Apparently one last equipment failure 🙂

Now this is the absolute last and largest lobstah roll. That is a full size paper plate.

Turns out I was staying across from Libby’s Market. Know for their monster rolls. Had to pick up one to go for the train ride home.

Well, finally on the train back to NYC.

Final Stats:
8 days of travel
6 days of riding and walking
195 miles ridden
35 miles hiked
6 Airbnb stays
4 train rides
4 lobstah rolls
2 hot dogs
2 pieces of tape
1 haddock reuben
3 mechanical failures
Countless amazing views and memories
Hope you all enjoyed!

August 2017: Maine