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Maybe Your Pitch Sucks…

We can help.


You’ve been pitching the heck out of that great idea, but the investors just aren’t biting. All you really have to show for your effort is a lot of wasted time and energy.

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Even if the idea is awesome, a bad pitch will rarely get you funded. And since investors don’t generally volunteer honest feedback, you’ll never know if the real problem is the pitch or something more fundamental, like the strategy. You only have so much runway before you have to put some money in the bank.


Don’t stay in the dark.

TAE International, in collaboration with International Deal Gateway, can help you perfect your pitch. We’ll make sure your presentation is compelling and memorable, giving you a better shot at the funding you need, in the time that you have.


Perfecting Your Pitch Coaching and Media Services

In under 30 days, you can undergo a thorough evaluation of your presentation and offering, conducted by seasoned professionals who can help make your pitch convincing and entertaining.

It begins with our Assessment, where our experts will evaluate the following:

  • Your Presentation Deck…
  • …And Your Presentation Delivery
  • Your Value Proposition
  • Your Business Model
  • Your Growth Strategies
  • Your Barriers to Entry

You’ll receive a written report with specific recommendations and solutions for making your pitch compelling. You’ll also be able to engage our experts to assist you in improving areas of weakness.

Assessments start at $5,000 for an initial deck and performance review. The pitch may be done in person or by video-call. A written report will be accompanied by a one-hour coaching session.

*Additional coaching and advisory services are available on a negotiated basis.



The Team


The TAE International team is led by Inc. 500 entrepreneur, popular columnist, and bestselling author Kevin Daum. Kevin has helped raise millions for companies, in addition to achieving over $1 billion USD in sales in his career.

Kevin has extensive multimedia and speaking experience as a highly-rated presenter for YPO, EO, and Gazelles. He is also a professor of media and entrepreneurship at Fordham University’s Gabelli School of Business.

Kevin leads a team of business, media, and strategy experts that can help you refine every element of your presentation and give your pitch the highest chance of success. 



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