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August is the Time for Awesome in Africa!

Are you expending time, effort and resources on mission-critical initiatives, only to realize so-so progress? Is this your organization?

  • Despite expensive training initiatives, your people don’t live up to their promise
  • Your marketing and sales strategies are falling flat, and delivering mediocre ROI
  • Your communication – inside and out – lacks focus, punch, and memorability

You know your people and organization could be so much more — and so do your clients. But how will your untapped potential ever be unlocked?

Bestselling author and popular Inc. columnist Kevin Daum Brings The Awesome Experience to Africa

August 2017 is a unique opportunity to learn proven techniques for bringing efficiency and top-level performance to all areas of your company and to grow your reputation for greatness with both your employees and your customers.

Kevin Daum is bringing The Awesome Experience™ team to Africa. Their workshops help organizations wishing to excel internally, maximize growth externally, and learn The Awesome Experience methods for increasing efficiency, efficacy, and ROI.
For organizations wanting to boost their potential, he and his team are scheduling speeches and workshops on topics including:

  • Valuable Employees
  • Storytelling
  • ROAR! Style Marketing and Sales
  • Meeting Rhythms
  • Communications Strategy
  • Project Planning
  • Virtual Meetings
  • Time Management

Who is Kevin Daum? He is a top columnist, Contributing Editor at YPO, Inc. 500 entrepreneur, facilitator, and hosts the popular YPO podcast Ten Minutes Tips From the Top. Kevin is also author/co-author of five books, including ROAR! Get Heard in the Sales and Marketing Jungle and Video Marketing for Dummies. His upcoming book, 12 Habits of Valuable Employees, is co-written with Gazelles founder Verne Harnish.

Kevin’s Most Popular Presentations

The 12 Habits of Valuable Employees
Have you devoted time and resources to hiring talent only to find that even the most promising hire’s performance is just adequate? Wouldn’t it be great if every employee provided real value and was totally focused on your company’s success? Learn the secrets to enhancing performance and unlocking the true value of employees — at every level of the organization. This engaging presentation is a preview of Kevin’s new book, The 12 Habits of Valuable Employees (coming March 2018), co-authored with Verne Harnish.

ROAR! Busting Through the Content Glut
Anyone with a computer or smartphone can produce and publish content, making it much more challenging for companies to break through and stand out. ROAR! provides three simple methods to raise your message about the noise, strategically overcoming the content glut. You’ll learn the secrets to building a more engaged audience, realizing higher conversions, and being heard by the right people at the right time, in the right way.

Get Attention with Your Compelling Story
How do organizations get noticed in today’s content crowded environment? The best way is to tell a great story. Few do this well. Every top level executive should possess the expertise to draft compelling narratives, making storytelling an effective strategy for internal and external marketing.

This highly interactive workshop shows leaders how to get attention in today’s crowded media world by identifying and constructing their most relevant and compelling stories. Participants will be introduced to the tools they need to master storytelling in multiple time frames and mediums, and learn how to make their message carry emotional impact every time.

Your Opportunity to Learn The Awesome Experience!

Kevin is offering workshops, keynotes, “lunch-and-learn” sessions, book talks, and individual company consultations across Africa for the entire month of August 2017. Now is the time to reserve a date with Kevin and his team, energizing your team with creativity, passion and productivity. Contact to learn more.

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